Our Mission

Onlicoin aims to provide safe, fast, and easy remittance services and low-risk investment opportunities, both locally and internationally.



There is always something new in the emerging tech, our company purses to continue to evolve in order to provide the best up to date ways for the customer’s convenience.


Onlicoin believes that honesty and transparency is one of the building blocks of trust for partners and our customers.

Impact - Oriented

Onlicoin is driven by its purpose to provide solutions to the people. It is important to us that when it comes to the services we provide, we make people’s lives easier.

User - Centered

We want to create a positive experience for the users. Our designs are made to skip the complicated and make the platform easy to use.


We uphold strong moral and ethical standards in running our company. Our desire is to work with people who value integrity.


We work to consistently reach our goals in order to contribute our share in helping the community. We look for people driven by their desire to work towards reaching the goal of the company.

Company Story

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Whether you’re a business owner, a merchant, or an individual, Onlicoin is the perfect platform for you!